Strange tale of the anti-Nazi bestseller, the Stasi spies and the missing Gestapo files

As the film of Alone in Berlin opens, German historians say facts were kept out of Hans Fallada’s original novelVincent Pérez’s film Alone in Berlin, which premieres with a grand live event at the Imperial War Museum in London on 26 June, is likely to be one of the hits of the summer in British cinemas. Starring Emma Thompson and Brendan Gleeson, the film tells the story of a working-class German couple who embark on a propaganda campaign against Hitler’s regime after learning of the death of their son.Based on the 1947 novel by the German writer Hans Fallada – a surprise bestseller after Penguin commissioned a new translation in 2009 – it has been hailed as a “redemptive” tale and a “story of resistance and hope”. Continue reading... ...
8 Published By - The Guardian - 2017.06.18. 01:05
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